Special Collaborative Centre 186 "Status Passages and Risks in the Life Course"

Institutional Control and Individual Action

Research Program 2000 - 2001


The Special Collaborative Centre (Sonderforschungsbereich 186 ) "Status Passages and Risks in the Life Course", established in 1988 and financed mainly by the Ger-man Research Foundation (DFG), began its fifth and final research phase in January, 2000. Fourteen years of longitudinal research will be conceptualised and published at the end of the year 2001. Five positive evaluations by the DFG, the far-reaching international co-operations and the widely recognised publications have evidenced that the theoretical and methodological approach of the Sfb 186 has broken new ground and has made its way into the arenas of social science discussion.

In the final research phase we shall concentrate on the yield of our work. This will be realised mostly in publications that combine and conceptualise the research results of our projects. These results will be presented and discussed at the fifth International Symposium of the Sfb in September 2001. We try to support this rather ambitious goal by a new formation of our projects (cf. scheme). Thus, we hope that our concept of life-course research will continue to play its role after the dissolution of the Sfb 186.

Prof. Dr. Walter R. Heinz